POI Dataset - Applications


Typical applications for Points of Interest include:

Information services

Information providers can promote the availability and location of a huge range of commercial and non-commercial locations through websites and other media. For example an accommodation website may want to display the local restaurants near each of their accommodation locations.

Spatial analysis

Companies can use Points of Interest to analyse proximity and accessibility to local educational, health and other services.

Driver routing and navigation

In-vehicle GPS-based and Smartphone (iPhone, Android and Windows) navigation tools are becoming a must have and a detailed and maintained Points of Interest theme to accompany road routing and restriction information adds real value and context for users.

For example check out our POI data on Metroview's iPhone GPS Application.

Emergency Services support

In an emergency, finding the location of an incident or service user is vital and urgent. Callers do not always know where they are and Points of Interest can be a useful addition to the armoury of tools to help find a location in the shortest possible time. With Points of Interest, searches like 'near the picnic area' or 'outside department store' become much easier to complete.

Location-based services

Points of Interest data enhances the functionality of mobile digital devices from phones to PDAs and personal navigation devices by allowing users to pinpoint attractions and services.


If you are promoting tourism, Points of Interest can not only help you locate a massive range of attractions (including named individual stores and attractions), but you can also find accommodation ranging from quality bed and breakfast houses through to large, international hotels.

Insurance risk assessment

Each item insured represents a risk to an insurer. With Points of Interest, you can understand that risk much better because you can understand much more about the location of your risk - and its surroundings. For example, knowing that a fireworks retailer is next door could be crucial information.


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