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Listing your business on POIDB .com is free

What's in it for me?

If your business has a physical (bricks & mortar) address then we look forward to listing your business on POIDB.

Listing your business on POIDB provides the following features:-

Business details (name, address, phone and fax number) are displayed in Search results.
Listing for only one category and postcode
You can upload an image for your business and write a description for visitors to read.
We provide links to your website and your email address.
Your business is available for download to GPS Devices by visitors and members.
Your business profile is locked so it cannot be edited by other members. As the owner you can edit the details as often as you like.
Your business listing is provided to our distribution partners.

Who are Your Distribution Partners?

POIDB currently supplies data to Domain and to the Navig8r GPS Devices.

In addition, Points of Interest are also downloaded by members and visitors of the website with over 40,000 downloads per year (which equates to around 5,000,000 individual POI downloads).

How do I Get Started?

Getting started is easy and you can do it yourself. Sign up and become a member and then add your business Add a Point of Interest. In the process of Adding the POI you might find that your business aleady exists on POIDB. If that is the case then select that POI and update with your details. After it is complete then select the 'Claim your Business' link on the POI page to have the ownership claimed. We will verify your ownership within a few working days after which time the POI will be locked down.

Once you have verified your listing we have a great option where you can upgrade your listing to a Premium level.


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