WhiteWater World

WhiteWater World

Slide in for the ride of your life at the Gold Coast’s coolest water park, WhiteWater World! Just a hop, skip and a splash from Dreamworld, combining adrenaline pumping thrills with family style fun in the ultimate Aussie beach paradise.


Cave of Waves

The Green Room

Super Tubes Hydro Coaster

The Rip

The Little Rippers

WhiteWater World boasts all four of the hottest waterslides on the planet including one of only two LIM powered rocket coasters in the world and the only eight-lane Octopus Racer in existence. Ride into the centre of a surfer’s universe on Australia’s biggest funnel of fun, The Green Room or go head to head with your mates on the The Little Rippers and see who will be flushed out first.

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