Loading Custom POI into your Navig8r

With over 500 Custom Groups, POIDB is sure to have a custom groups that you would want to load into your Navig8r.

Detailed below are the steps required to download a POI Group from POIDB and to load this Group onto your Navig8r device.

Finding the POI Group on POIDB

To install a custom POI Group onto POIDB you need to first find a Group that you are interested in having on your GPS. The best place to look is with the Browse By Category or you could try the Search option.

Select the Group when you have found the one you are interested in.

Downloading the Group

At the bottom of the Group page you can select the Navig8r icon.

Or you can select the Download POI link for the Group

After clicking the download link you will see the Download page. This page will have the following Download options.

Select Region - Best to leave this as is. But if you want you can download a smaller sub set of the group based on geographic location such as NSW.

File Format - This is important. Make sure you select Navig8r (ov2).

The rest of the options are optional.

Click the download button and the file should download to your computer. You can also select an icon for the download by selecting the icon page.

On the 22x22 icon select save-as and download the icon file to your computer.

Important: Rename each file so they have the same filename but with a different extension. As an example for Big 4 you would have 'big4.ov2' and 'big4.bmp'.

Connect your GPS to your Computer

Connect you Navig8r GPS to your computer as described in the GPS manual or alternatively by placing the SD card used by the Navig8r into a card reader on your computer.

Find the Location

Locate and open the folder path 'MobileNavigator/POI'. There should be several folders each named for a category of POIs.

Transfer the Files

You can either copy the Big4 files to an existing folder or alternatively you can create a new folder and copy these files into the newly created folder.

To create a new filder Right Click in the POI folder and the select 'New Folder' from the option menu. When the new folder is created enter the name for the new category of POI (for example 'Big4'). Double click on this new folder to open it. Locate the folder on your computer that contains the new POI files downloaded from poidb. Copy the files and then paste them to the newly created 'Big4' folder.

Restart your Navig8r

Restart the Navigation software. Refer to the section Search for Places (Points of Inerest or POI) for selecting the POI. The New Catergory will now be displayed and can be searched for.


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