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A Marker  Point to Point Camera - Northbound
  Transport »  Road and rail »  Fixed Speed Cameras
Latitude:-26.9192785003459 Longitude:152.994768619537
Speed @ 110KPH camera is hidden behind overpass on (L) side. The other camera is on (L) side of HWY…

Johnston Road & Bruce HWY to Caloundra turnoff, Glass House Mountains QLD 4518 Australia

Posted by: RobertN's Avatar RobertN  Sat 23 Oct 10 - 10:10 AM
Last Updated by:  larrya  Wed 23 Dec 15 - 0:13 AM
B Marker  Point to Point Speed Cameras - Southbound
  Transport »  Road and rail »  Fixed Speed Cameras
Latitude:-26.7731340177475 Longitude:153.043249937421

Bruce Hwy & Caloundra Road, Palmview QLD 4553 Australia

Posted by:  larrya  Wed 23 Dec 15 - 0:23 AM

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