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    Public Services » Health » Dentists
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    Practices that do various Dental procedures in Australia
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    Public Services » Health » Medical Centres
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    Medical Centres or Health Clinics provide professional medical services to communities.
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    Places to Stay » Indoor » Motels
    Rating: Not yet Rated
    Motels that are not affiliated with a Motel Chain
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    Transport » Road and rail » Fixed Speed Cameras
    Rating: Rated 4.2 stars  4.2 out of 5.0
    Fixed Speed cameras come in many forms, some free standing on poles; others mounted on bridges or overhead gantries. The cameras may consist of a box for taking photographs, as well as a smaller box for the flash, or only a single box containing all the instruments. Recently introduced infrared…
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    Activities » IT, advertising, marketing and media services » Software services
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    Quiddity allows to manage your Business in a simpler way. The core concept is a simple easy to use system which has most of the workflows that a small business uses without losing its functionalities. Quiddity is a growth mechanism that has been built and tested by an SMB for an SMB, allowing your…
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    Places to Stay » Indoor » Motels
    Rating: Not yet Rated
    This POI group contains Australian accommodation establishments compiled from (a) recommendations by members of a nationally based Australian motorcycle club, (b) advertisements and or articles in Australian motor cycle magazines, and (c) a nationally based Australian motel chain that provides a…
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    Places to Stay » Indoor » Motels
    Rating: Not yet Rated
    Golden Chain Motels is Australia's largest accommodation provider with more locations throughout Australia than any other comparable accommodation group. Our independent owner/operators are dedicated to providing you with quality facilities and friendly hospitality.
    223 POI |  521 Comments |  383 Downloads
    Retail & Services » Household, leisure and garden » DIY and home improvement
    Rating: Rated 5.0 stars  5.0 out of 5.0
    Bunnings Warehouse Lowest prices are just the beginning. Our ambition is to provide our customers with the widest range of home improvement products at the lowest prices everyday, backed with the best service. Our Team Members are the heart and soul of our business. Our team’s guiding…
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    Public Services » Health » Medical Centres
    Rating: Not yet Rated
    An underlying principle of chiropractic is “healthy spine, healthier life”. By offering expert drug-free spinal health care and lifestyle advice, chiropractors help Australians lead and maintain healthy lives.
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    Places to Stay » Outdoor » Caravan Parks & Mobile Homes
    Rating: Not yet Rated
    But they call it their Mecca ? a sacred site where pecking orders, committees, chairmen and elections don't exist, and a place where the only rules involve cleaning up after yourself. For veterans of Australia's wars, these adopted refuges have become a place to rest, relax and meet up with old…
    19 POI |  12 Comments |  52 Downloads


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