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    Public Services » Utilities / Infrastructure support » Electrical features
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    Several companies are offering Air conditioning services in Perth, but only a few of them provide the latest technology. iZone from a reputable company, Daikin, enables you to control air conditioning in up 12 zones of your home or office block. With powerful Wi-Fi backing, you can manage your AC…
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    Other » Reference » Postcodes
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    Everyone loves to watch movies some at cinema and some like to watch online. 24k movies is your favorite destination to enjoy movies online from your favorite Genre Action, Romance, Drama, Biopic, War, Anime, Family or you favorite superhero movie all you can find at one place.
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    Public Services » Publicly accessible facilities » Public telephones
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    Public Payphone locations
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    Transport » Road and rail » Petrol and fuel stations
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    X Convenience petrol stations
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