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    Retail & Services » Specialised Retail » Travel Agents
    Rating: Not yet Rated
    Qantas Travel are our specialist retail stores in Australia. Employing over 150 full time consultants, with an average of 14 years travel industry experience. They can assist you with all your holiday requirements including: Round the world fares Domestic and international flights Domestic…
    10 POI |  10 Comments |  9 Downloads
    Retail & Services » Household, leisure and garden » Books and maps
    Rating: Rated 4.0 stars  4.0 out of 5.0
    QBD The Bookshop
    26 POI |  0 Comments |  18 Downloads
    Public Services » Health » Radiology
    Rating: Not yet Rated
    Queensland X-Ray is the largest private radiology practice in Queensland, with over 30 practices state-wide.
    39 POI |  40 Comments |  13 Downloads
    Transport » Road and rail » Road Crash Blackspots
    Rating: Not yet Rated
    An accident blackspot is a term used in road safety management to denote a place where road traffic accidents have historically been concentrated. It may have occurred for a variety of reasons, such as bad road design, a sharp drop or corner in a straight road, so oncoming traffic is concealed, a…
    26 POI |  7 Comments |  87 Downloads
    Transport » Road and rail » Traffic Cameras
    Rating: Not yet Rated
    The purpose of the web camera is to give you a real-time picture of the road network and traffic flow. The cameras' images are also used by Queensland Police and RACQ. They are helpful in emergencies, accidents and for general traffic management.

    19 POI |  0 Comments |  267 Downloads


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