Geocaching with a Garmin Oregon Part 2

Wahroonga Farm is an GPS enthusiast and and active (and very helpful) member of the GPS Australia forums. Recently he had a crack at the world of Geocaching and shares his experience.

Content below copied by the kind permission of Wahroonga Farm from his post on GPS Australia Forum.

Quest for Silverthorn

So ... I 'popped my cherry', this arvo on a local easy peasy one, Quest for Silverthorn

'Twas in excellent nick, with professional geocache information enclosed and full of amazing junk!

The Oregon indicated the location within 1 metre, ... even more amazing!

In the spirit of 'things farming', I added a brochure on managing fruit fly.

I'll let the pictures tell the story.

In Automotive Profile

Getting Closer

Description & Log

Viewing the Hint

Getting Closer

Lets Zoom In

Log Attempt

Geocache Found

Off to the Next One

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