Murray Bridge SA 5253

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The Postcode for Murray Bridge SA is 5253

Local Radio Stations 1125 AM 5MU 5MU, 98.7 FM 5EZY Power FM - Add Radio Stations

Latitude:-35.120097 Longitude:139.273782

Big Bend, Murray River, South Australia

Recharge on Australia's mighty Murray River during your next holiday, as it winds its way through the heart of the Murraylands, carving out steep cliffs that turn orange at sunset, winding past giant red gums and spilling into wild lagoons.

There are so many ways to take it all in when you travel to the Murray River. You can paddle a canoe through quiet backwaters; charter your own houseboat, from budget to budget-breaking luxury; take a five-night cruise on the PS Murray Princess and the MV Expedition; or take a short day trip out from the historic river ports of Mannum and Murray Bridge. You can water ski, swim and fish, or sprawl out with a good book on the banks.

But a Murraylands holiday doesn't begin and end on the water. You can find exotic wildlife in the open range sanctuary of Monarto Zoological Park. Search for rare antiques in historic towns. Or get off the beaten track for bushwalking, bird watching and four-wheel-driving through Mallee… Read More


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