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The Postcode for Adelaide SA is 5000

Local Radio Stations 531 AM   Radio Italiana, 729 AM 5RN Radio National, 891 AM 5AN 891 ABC Adelaide, 972 AM 5PB ABC News Radio, 1197 AM 5RPH RPH Print Radio, 1323 AM 5DN, 1395 AM 5AA Five AA, 1629 AM   Rete Italia, 91.9 FM 5ADL Nova 91.9, 92.7 FM 5FBI Fresh FM, 93.7 FM 5DDD Three D Radio, 101.5 FM 5UV Radio Adelaide, 102.3 FM 5ADD Mix 102.3, 103.1 FM 5EBI 5EBI, 103.9 FM 5ABCFM ABC Classic FM, 104.7 FM 5MMM Triple M, 105.5 FM 5JJJ Triple J, 106.3 FM 5SBSFM SBS Radio, 107.1 FM 5SSA SA FM, 107.9 FM 5RAM Life FM - Add Radio Stations

Latitude:-34.92577 Longitude:138.599732

Tjilbruki Gateway, Warriparinga, Adelaide, South Australia

What is now Adelaide's metropolitan coastline plays a significant role in the creation story of the Kaurna (pronounced Gar-Na) people.

The ancestor Tjilbruke carried the body of his slain nephew down the coast from the place that's now Kingston Park to the tip of the Fleurieu Peninsula. At each place where the grieving giant stopped to shed tears, a freshwater spring welled from the ground.

Springs and other geological sites at Kingston Park, Hallett Cove, Christies Beach Port Noarlunga, Port Willunga and further south are all linked by this great Dreaming legend.

To discover this ancient story, and learn about Kaurna life in the region, visit the peaceful Warriparinga Reserve (bounded by Sturt, Marion and South roads at Marion). Here the Living Kaurna Cultural Centre sits with the tranquil wetlands.


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