Peregian Beach QLD 4573

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The Postcode for Peregian Beach QLD is 4573

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Latitude:-26.480613 Longitude:153.095633

Family on Walkway to Peregian Beach

About 13 kilometres south of Noosa Heads, Peregian Beach is one of a string of lovely beaches between Noosa and Coolum. Just over the sand hills at the southern end of the beach youll find Peregian Environmental Park, an area of wallum heath which bursts into a colourful profusion of wildflowers in spring. On the western side of Peregian Beach is Lake Weyba National Park, and Lake Weyba itself, which feeds into the estuary at Noosa Heads. Nearby, too, is the southern extension of the Noosa National Park with a rich mix of coastal heath and scrub and stately rainforest which provides sanctuary and support for a wealth of native flora and fauna.

In the centre of Peregian youll find a friendly beachside village where you can enjoy the ambience and shade of the village square and experience the diverse range of shops, cafes and restaurants.

Pick up local produce and crafts at the regular Peregian community market, held on the second and fourth Sunday morning of each… Read More


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