Goondiwindi QLD 4390

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Getting Around Goondiwindi

The Postcode for Goondiwindi QLD is 4390

Local Radio Stations 1611 AM   Hot Country, 90.3 FM 4TAB, 92.7 FM 4ABCRR ABC Southern Qld, 94.3 FM 4ABCRN Radio National - Add Radio Stations

Latitude:-28.547015 Longitude:150.307699

Main Street Goondiwindi

Settled in the 1840s by pastoralists, Goondiwindi emerged in the latter half of the 19th century as an important administrative and commercial centre. Goondiwindi's name stems from Aboriginal origin, meaning 'resting place of the birds'.

The town's major rural products include wheat, cotton, beef and wool, while major industries include service industries, machinery sales and repairs. Goondiwindi is also home to one of the largest cotton gins in the world and tours are available.

Goondiwindi is situated on the Queensland and New South Wales border. The border is marked by the McIntyre River, which creates a great scenic backdrop. The Newell Highway also runs through Goondiwindi and is described as the gateway to the Western Downs.

Racing fans will know Goondiwindi as the home of the famous Gunsynd racehorse, affectionately nicknamed the 'Goondiwindi Grey'.

Distance From Brisbane: 368 kilometres


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