Maningrida NT 822

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Getting Around Maningrida

The Postcode for Maningrida NT is 822

Local Radio Stations 105.3 FM 8KIN 8KIN FM - Add Radio Stations

Latitude:-12.182482 Longitude:134.321268

Maningrida Northern Territory

The Maningrida community lies on the north coast of Arnhem Land and is best known as a pristine fishing destination. Travellers need a permit from the Northern Land Council to visit. Maningridas waterways are teeming with species such as barramundi, salmon, mangrove jack, golden snapper, Spanish mackerel, trevally and coral trout.

Visitors can also learn about Aboriginal art and culture at the Maningrida Arts and Culture, which features traditional and contemporary art, bark paintings, sculptures, fibre craft, prints and items of material culture. Conical woven fish traps made by the local men and women are unique to the area and a popular collectors item.


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