Townsville QLD 4810

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The Postcode for Townsville QLD is 4810

Local Radio Stations 630 AM 4QN 630 ABC North Qld, 774 AM 4TO 4TO, 891 AM 4TAB 4TAB, 94.3 FM 4PNN ABC News Radio, 95.1 FM   Lush FM, 98.9 FM Kix Country, 99.9 FM 4TCB Live FM, 100.7 FM 4RGR Zinc 100.7, 101.5 FM 4ABCFM ABC Classic FM, 102.3 FM 4TOO 4TO FM, 103.1 FM 4RAM Hot FM, 103.9 FM 4TTT 4TTT, 104.7 FM 4ABCRN Radio National, 105.5 FM 4JJJ Triple J, 106.3 FM 4RGT 106.3 FM, 107.1 FM 4KIG 4KIG - Add Radio Stations

Latitude:-19.258106 Longitude:146.818351

Mulligan Falls - Hinchinbrook Island

Townsville is a vibrant region that encompasses beautiful coastal towns, rainforests, rugged Outback and country terrain. Appreciate the beauty of the city and nearby Magnetic Island from Castle Hill, the mountain that gives Townsville a unique appeal. But the charm of this lovely region expands further from the city of Townsville head in any direction and youll be rewarded. The Great Barrier Reef sprawls to the east, the Outback beckons west, islands and rainforest entice to the north while sugar cane and mango farming communities await in the south.

The Townsville regions national parks are home to rare butterflies and birds, kangaroos, platypus and ancient trees. Many of these also boast beautiful waterfalls and swimming holes exquisite areas that are reminiscent of a bygone era.

There is also a rich history in this region that has been shaped by Aboriginal tribes, miners, pastoralists and war. Remnants of these bygone times are still evident in the beautiful… Read More


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