Mackay QLD 4740

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Getting Around Mackay

The Postcode for Mackay QLD is 4740

Local Radio Stations 1026 AM 4AA 4MK AM 1026, 1647 AM Vision Radio Network, 87.6 FM   Lush FM, 97.9 FM 4ABCFM ABC Classic FM, 98.7 FM 4RGM Sea FM, 99.5 FM 4JJJ Triple J, 100.3 FM 4MKY Hot FM, 101.1 FM 4QAA ABC Tropical North, 101.9 FM 4MMK Zinc 101.9, 102.7 FM 4ABCRN Radio National, 104.3 FM 4PB ABC News Radio, 105.9 FM 4MUR my105fm, 107.5 FM 4CRM 4CRM - Add Radio Stations

Latitude:-21.14342 Longitude:149.186845

Midge Point

Heading out through Mackay and beyond the Hibiscus Coast lies the charming Midge Point area. Midge Point is an ideal place to bushwalk, go fishing and crabbing and generally relax in a peaceful and tranquil area by the beach. It is home to various accommodations and caravan parks. Stay in semi tropical rainforest, enjoy direct beach access for hours of fishing, walks and fossicking.

A little further north of Midge Point is Laguna Whitsundays Resort, home to Queensland's number one resort golf course. Enjoy a host of resort activities including golf, horse riding, watersports, beach and pool volleyball, tennis, archery, nature walks.


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