Bundaberg QLD 4670

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Getting Around Bundaberg

The Postcode for Bundaberg QLD is 4670

Local Radio Stations 1332 AM 4BU 4BU, 93.1 FM 4RGB 93.1 Sea FM, 93.9 FM 4RUM Hitz FM, 94.7 FM 4BCR Coral Coast Community Radio 94.7FM, 95.5 FM 4TAB, 96.3 FM   96.3 FM, 97.1 FM Kix Country, 106.7 FM Rebel Rock - Add Radio Stations

Latitude:-24.866109 Longitude:152.348847

Mid-town Marina, Bundaberg

The Bundaberg Coral Coast and Country Region encompasses a diversity of experiences, making it an ideal holiday location. Throughout the region there is a sense of history mixed with wilderness adventure, rural experiences and warm country hospitality. All this and more is waiting for you to enjoy.

Called the Gateway to the Southern Great Barrier Reef - day tours, resort stays, wilderness camping and dive cruises are all on offer. With its pristine environment, the region is home to many marine creatures. Humpback whales pass close to the shoreline en route to Hervey Bay; and Australias largest mainland turtle rookery is situated at Mon Repos Beach. Reef walk, snorkel and dive on one of the great wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef.

At the centre of the sugar cane country is Bundaberg, or "Bundy" as it's fondly known by the locals. Bundaberg is a progressive city of around 50,000, is 14 kilometres from the Coral Coast, where the townships… Read More


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