Bribie Island QLD 4507

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Getting Around Bribie Island

The Postcode for Bribie Island QLD is 4507

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Latitude:-26.957093 Longitude:153.141371

Bribie Island

Naturally beautiful, Bribie Island and its surrounding waters is a true showpiece of the Moreton Bay area.

Bribie is the northern-most of the islands in Moreton Bay. It's the only island connected to the mainland by bridge, allowing easy access.

A haven for those seeking a sea change, young families, water sport enthusiasts and nature lovers, Bribie offers a compact range of experiences for all age groups. Extensive national parks, (some with camping facilities) a choice of surf beaches or calmer protected beaches, and some of the best fishing to be found. There's also a good range of restaurants and accommodation to make Bribie an ideal destination for a short break or day trip.

The ecologically important Pumicestone Passage, formed by the channel which runs between Bribie Island and the Caboolture coastline, is a protected marine park and safe haven for dugongs, turtles, dolphins, and a diverse birdlife and extensive network of… Read More


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