Community Guideline

Community Guidelines

POIDB is your community. You make it what it is! That means our membership pledge is more than just read -- it's understood. And as our community grows, here's a reminder of those guidelines our members continue to uphold.

Unacceptable Content

We define unacceptable content as anything included or linked that is:

* Being used to abuse, harass, stalk or threaten a person or persons
* Libelous, defamatory, knowingly false or misrepresents another person
* Infringes upon any copyright, trademark, trade secret or patent of any third party. (If you quote or excerpt someone's content, it is your responsibility to provide proper attribution to the original author.
* Violates any obligation of confidentiality
* Violates the privacy, publicity, moral or any other right of any third party
* Contains editorial content that has been commissioned and paid for by a third party, (either cash or goods in barter), and/or contains paid advertising links and/or SPAM or "Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages."


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