About Us

About Us

POIDB aims to be largest repository of Points of Interest (POI) data for Australia.

...It might take a little while but we are getting there.

What makes us a little different is that our POI are contributed and maintained by our members. Members use their local knowledge of an area to ensure that these Points of Interest are best placed. Remember even a small POI update can go a long way to help the community at large.

POI Downloads will always be free to members for personal use. This is something that is very important to us.

What sort of POI data do we hold?

POIDB has over 300 categories of POI data. Everything from Camp Grounds, through to Speed Cameras to Restaurants. POI can be stored into groups and we currently have over 700 of these.

Where can you find our POI data?

Apart from on this website you can see our POI popping up on other websites such as Domain. We also provide our POI to the Navig8r GPS device. You will also find our data on the iPhone / Android Smart Phones in the Wikitude application.

We are always on the look-out to partner with other organisations who need or can compliment POI data. If this is of interest to your business then email us to get the ball rolling sales@poidb.com.


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