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Lake Ginninderra comprises of the western foreshores (adjacent to Macdermott Place with access off Joynton Smith Drive) and the northern peninsula (also called Diddams Close Park with access off Diddams Close). The area is an ideal place for a family picnic amongst the planted native and exotic trees while observing the many species of water birds. The design of the park emphasises the provision of vehicular access for intensive lake and lakeside recreation in a predominantly Australian landscape setting. The eastern park has a sandy beach, paddling enclosure, playground, picnic tables, barbecues, a public toilet and parking. The western park has a sandy beach, swimming enclosure, boat launching ramp, barbecues, picnic tables, public toilets and a playground. The swimming beaches are monitored for blue green algae and bacteria. Whenever conditions are unsuitable for swimming public warnings are given and information is posted on the CCS water quality webpage. In the semi-natural landscape on the southern part of the peninsula, many walking trails may be found. Two fishing jetties have been provided, one on the western shore and one near the southern tip of the peninsula. There is also a cyclepath adjacent to the shoreline.

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