Rotary lookout is one of the most popular lookouts on Tamborine mountain which shows off some stunning views over the gold coast hinterland towards the great dividing range. Rotary lookout is easy to access, with plenty of car parks nearby so you can safely stop and gaze towards a glowing sunset, without needing to find a place to park your car that is not too far away. Rotary lookout is a nice, peaceful place to stop and relax on your tour of Tamborine mountain, whether it is for a picnic lunch or just to take in the magnificent sights. Just a short drive up to the main western road from the lookout is the hang glider launching site, another spectacular spot for picnics and amazing views. Stay just for the view or watch the thrill seeking hang gliders launch themselves off the edge of the mountain and into the horizon. If you are feeling like a leisurely walk after your picnic by the lookout, just down the road from the rotary lookout is the witches falls walking track. This takes you through the serenity and tranquility of Tamborine mountain’s iconic rainforests. Views exist along the entire strip of road here (main western road). Some areas also have parks and bbq areas to enjoy a picnic with friends and family. Just across the road from the rotary lookout is the bavarian grill Haus restaurant. Rotary lookout is close to cafes and restaurants which are only a short drive back towards town if you are feeling like something to eat or drink after taking in the spectacular views of Tamborine Mountain and surrounding areas. As you can guess, it was originally built by rotary. Rotary lookout is definitely one of the places to experience if you are planning on visiting Tamborine mountain. There is now a newly finished surface to safely park your car as well.



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