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The East Coast of Tasmania has the most amazing vineyards, farms, beaches, coastline and some of the friendliest people you will meet. Swansea Cycle Tours is a unique cycling experience, the bespoke tours on private land are only available to Swansea Cycle Tour patrons. Cycling is such a great way to see the country, stay fit and keep your mind and body happy. You have the opportunity to meet the most wonderful people farming this land, growing grapes, farming oysters, and loving life on the east coast of Tasmania. And they have invited us into their world, to cycle on their properties. Experience a Swansea Cycle Tour and enjoy a new way of seeing the East Coast. Trek mountain bikes are provided and fitted to the individual. Helmets, water, sunscreen and bike bags provided. The support vehicle will carry your backpacks, jackets etc to each location.


17 Old Spring Bay Road, SWANSEA TAS 7190 AU

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