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"Queen's Wharf Reserve is one of the most important places in Parramatta's colonial history. "In 1788 Governor Arthur Phillip landed here before settling the town, and for the next 50 or so years the river was the main link between Parramatta and Sydney. As well as wharves serving trade and public transport, this historic area was once alive with industry: flour and woollen mills, gasworks, boatsheds and inns. "The earliest town plan shows a main road (now George Street) connecting the Governor's House to the wharf area. Trams ran along this route between 1883 and 1936." Nowadays there are cycle and footpaths through this narrow strip of greenery; bounded by the Parramatta River, and 'suburbia'. There are quite a few interpretative signs, and memorials along this strip. It is mostly used by the transient tourist, to get to the Ferry Wharf, rather than to picnic on; tho there was some locals enjoying laying back and watching the scenery go by.

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