Since 1915 Coober Pedy has lured those who seek the elusive opal which is found in this vast Outback semi-desert area. Many of the locals live in dugouts (underground homes) where the earth gives natural temperature control. Visitors have always been fascinated by this underground way of living. In 1981 Umberto Coro began to realise a dream of sharing the extraordinary experience of underground living with visitors to the town. He had been associated with the town's mining and hospitality industry for more than 26 years. He understood what visitors wanted. Umberto Coro never saw his dream become a reality. Sadly, he was killed in a road accident in 1986. His son Robert, the hotel's General Manager, and the rest of the family continued the work to make sure that the Desert Cave Hotel would be completed. Construction began in 1984 and the Desert Cave Hotel was officially opened in 1988.

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