Cape Moreton Light, also listed as North Point Range Rear Light, is a heritage-listed active lighthouse located on Cape Moreton, a rocky headland located at the north eastern tip of Moreton Island, a large sand island on the eastern side of Moreton Bay, on the coast of South East Queensland, Australia. It marks the northern entrance to Moreton Bay and Brisbane and also serves as the rear light for the North Point Range. With its two distinctive red bands, it also serves as a daymark. It is the oldest lighthouse in Queensland, and the only one to be built by the New South Wales Government before the separation of Queensland, which took place in 1859. It is also the only lighthouse in Queensland to be built of stone. The lighthouse was established following an increase in traffic through the northern entrance to Moreton Bay in the 1840s.[5] It was designed by Edmund Blacket in 1854 and established in 1857. Over the years the light source went through several changes, from oil wick, to kerosene, to acetylene gas, to electricity, and finally to solar power. The structures also went through various modifications, the major one being an increase in the lighthouse height and rebuilding of several structures, in 1928–1930. The station includes the lighthouse, three lighthouse keeper residences, and various buildings. The lighthouse is made of sandstone and topped by a concrete gallery and a cast iron lantern. The residences and most other structures are timber framed and fibro clad.

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  • Date Built: 1857
  • Height (m): 23
  • Elevation (m): 120

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