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One of seven national parks that make up the Walpole Wilderness, Mount Frankland South National Park has large areas of old growth karri and jarrah forest. Bushwalks, waterfalls, picnic areas and forest art – Mount Frankland South National Park truly has something for everyone. A great place to see the huge old karri trees up close is at Swarbrick, once a focal point for people campaigning to protect the forests. Swarbrick also features forest art sculptures that are designed to challenge your perceptions of wilderness. Experience the jarrah forest and its plethora of understorey species at on a short bushwalk at Mount Burnett. Spring is a great time to visit as the wildflowers put on a colourful show. The Deep River winds its way through the park on its way to the Walpole Inlet and the Southern Ocean. Cascading over granite boulders at Fernhook Falls, it is one of the few rivers in the South West with an almost completely forested catchment. As a result, although heavily loaded with tannins, the water is of high quality. Parts of Mount Frankland South National Park are accessible via a sealed road from Walpole and the South West Highway.

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