Take the hassle out of touring our wonderful island state. Base yourselves in the magnificent hamlet of historic hamilton. Here at Jackson's emporium, we will cater for your heritage accommodation, hearty home-style cooking - with a twist, through the day and evening, along with offering the very best of everything the Derwent valley has to offer all year round. Let your taste buds explode whilst enjoying our extensive range of local products in the deli section, then browse through the comprehensive visitor brochure’s, to plan your next outing, all this while kicking back in our cosy cafe, with a vast array of coffee. Tea and Tasmania's own fruit drinks. We cab even provide a picnic to take on your farm tour experience.


13 Franklin Place, HAMILTON TAS 7140 AU

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 Opening Hours

Monday 10:00:00 - 20:00:00
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday 10:00:00 - 20:00:00
Thursday 10:00:00 - 20:00:00
Friday 10:00:00 - 20:00:00
Saturday 10:00:00 - 20:00:00
Sunday 10:00:00 - 20:00:00
Opening hours are subject to change with Public Holidays & extended trading periods. Check with the business to confirm.