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Kapunda is a town on the light river and near the Barossa Valley in South Australia. It was established after a discovery in 1842 of significant copper deposits. The southern entrance to the town has been dominated since 1988 by the 8-metre-tall statue of map Kernow, a traditional cornish miner. The statue was destroyed by a fire on the morning of 1 June 2006 but has since been rebuilt by its creator, ben van Zetten. The corporate town of Kapunda was established in 1865 to form a local governing body for the township and the district council of Kapunda was established the following year to govern the surrounds. Kapunda had a strong catholic community and saint mary MacKillop visited and established a convent there. St john's reformatory for girls operated from 1897 to 1909. Kapunda is famous as the home of Sir Sidney Kidman. He was a major cattle pastoralist who at one time owned 68 properties with a total area larger than the British isles. He held annual horse sales at Kapunda with up to 3,000 horses sold during the week. His house, Eringa, was donated to the education department and is still used as the administration building for Kapunda high school. The Kapunda historical society runs a museum housed in the historic baptist church building, constructed in 1866. Kapunda was home to several notable manufacturers of farm and mining machinery

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