We love the simplicity & timelessness of Swedish design, and love creating every-day-use stationery, home/office objects and gorgeous gifts that bring a sense of fashion & style to every-day life. It started as a dream - to create something we were totally passionate about. Now it's a global journey - with a wonderful creative team - to provide ranges of inspiringly unique home & office stationery solutions. Products that help make the workspaces we use - and our lives in general - both stylishly inviting and positively productive. With an innovative and fashionable collection of complementary stationery products such as diaries, calendars, classic storage boxes and more, our aim is to help you achieve that fantastic feeling of well-being that comes with being organised and in-control - with style. At kikki.K, we see being organised as being more than just 'finding things quickly'​ or 'getting more done'​. We believe it's about improving the quality of our lives by saving time, freeing up energy for things that matter most, stimulating creativity and helping us feel good inside. Call it good feng shui or plain common sense - the message is the same: if your home/office is organised, stylish and inspiring - your state of mind will be the same.

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