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Swan hill is a city in the northwest of Victoria, Australia on the Murray valley highway and on the south bank of the Murray River, downstream from the junction of the Loddon River. At the 2016 census, swan hill had a population of 10,905. In the Dreamtime, Totyerguil (from the area now known as swan hill) ran out of spears while chasing Otchtout the cod. This chase is part of the mythology of the creation of the murray river. Based on evidence from coobool creek and kow swamp, it appears that aboriginal people have lived in the area for the last 13,000–9,000 years. The area is inhabited by the wemba-wemba and wati-wati people. Swan hill was called "Matakupaat" or "Place of the platypus" by the Wemba wemba people. The area was given its current name by explorer Thomas Mitchell, while camping beside a hill on 21 June 1836. Swan-hill is a small, and, notwithstanding its 20 or 25 years of existence, not very flourishing, township. The population does not exceed 100 persons, but the township can boast of a substantial post and telegraph office, which is the principal building in the place. There is a church built of brick, belonging to the church of England, and a small wooden chapel owned by some other denomination. The hospital, for swan-hill, can also boast of a hospital, is prettily situated at the junction of the little Murray with the mainstream. The district around the town is principally pastoral. About 10 or 12 miles distant there is a salt lake, from which a coarse salt is obtained and exported to Riverina and the upper Murray. There are a mail three times a week, and the township is already connected with the metropolis by telegraph.


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