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Inglewood is a township in Victoria, Australia, located on the Calder Highway in the Shire of Loddon. At the 2011 census Inglewood had a population of 1058 (up from 834 in 2006). Englewood was an important gold mining centre during the victorian gold rush of the 1850s and 1860s. Gold was first discovered in 1859 by alexander, joseph and Thomas Thompson and joseph hanny. On notification of the discovery some 16,000 diggers flocked to the area. By January 1860 a new field a few miles south of the original was opened up by potter, Irvine and McKean and dubbed "New Inglewood". This is the site of the present township. By mid-1860 the population on the field was estimated to be greater than 40,000, ranking among the biggest rushes in victoria’s history. The population soon dwindled as the easily won alluvial deposits became exhausted but, as early as 1859, quartz reefs had been discovered which resulted in the permanent settlement of a few thousand miners and businessmen. The initial returns from the quartz reefs were significant. From the Columbian, 22 tons of stone crushed gave a return of over 2300 ounces of gold, one of the richest patches of gold recorded in the colony of victoria. Numerous other reefs, including the maxwell’s, jersey, march and morning star, gained renown for their rich yields. In November 1860 there were 4,500 men employed in quartz mining, more than any other field at that time.


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