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Robinvale was connected to the rest of the Victorian railway network when the line from Manangatang was opened in 1924, 284 work began in the 1920s on a 37-mile (60 km) extension of the line across the Murray river to Lette in new south wales. It was never completed, and work was officially abandoned in 1943, 100 the combined rail-road bridge across the river at Robinvale, which was constructed as part of the project, continued to be used until 2006 when a new road bridge was opened. The lifting span of the former rail-road bridge has been placed in a nearby park, as a permanent historical display. Robinvale is known for production of grapes, olives, carrots and almonds. There are many attractions in robinvale, such as the original home of robin cuttle, an antique museum, park, and a caravan park overlooking the murray river. The river is home to a great array of native birds and fish such as the pelican, swan, perch and the murray cod. Robinvale is a popular camping area on the murray. Robinvale has a rail line that is used seasonally by pacific national freight trains. V/Line runs coach services to swan hill and mildura, victoria, connecting with train services to melbourne at swan hill railway station. Robinvale airport serves the town. Robinvale and its twin town, Euston is home to an Italian population from the southern region of Calabria in Italy. Many of these people are 2nd and 3rd generation Australians, well integrated to the community. It also has immigrant populations of Tongans and Vietnamese and a significant aboriginal community.


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