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Tambo is a town located in Central West Queensland, Australia, on the banks of the iland river. Tambo is 101 kilometres (63 min) southeast of the town of Blackall via the Landsborough Highway, and approximately 862 kilometres (536 min) north west of the state capital, Brisbane. At the 2006 census, Tambo had a population of 345. The town was settled in 1863, making it the oldest town in western Queensland. Like much of the west, sheep became the mainstay of the economy. The town takes its name from an Indigenous Australian word, meaning "hidden place" or "resting place, fish, shady waters, hidden waters, a secluded spot, hidden place and native yam. Today, cattle and tourism are of major importance to the town. A number of heritage buildings survive from the earliest days of settlement. The Carnarvon National Park (Salvator Rosa section) lies to the east of the town.


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