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The town began as an outstation of the region's first cattle run, Boisdale, named by pioneer grazier Lachlan Macalister after a village on the island of south uist in the outer Hebrides, Scotland. The town appears to have taken its name from a group of squatters from Maffra, a village in the Monaro region of NSW, with its location between current Mafra and Newry being written on an early map. The squatters moved on, but the name remained. The monaro maffra was probably connected to mafra, a town in portugal. The township was settled in the 1860s, the post office opening on 20 July 1864. Mafra railway station on the maffra railway line opened in 1887. The last regular passenger service ran in 1977. The station precinct is now an industrial precinct and the former station building is used for community purposes. Maffra was long the beef cattle capital of west Gippsland and, for many years, the only beet sugar processing centre in the country the beet museum, set in the port of Mafra park, has relics from the defunct sugar beet industry. The building is a relocated historic weighbridge building and is lined with pine boards from the home of charles and grace quirk, one of Mafra's first cottages.

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