Brewarrina is a unique town and a popular destination for those who wish to “linger longer.” Brewarrina’s uniqueness lies in the natural attractions and surrounding countryside, which offer challenging hunting, fishing, bush walking, skiing, swimming, sight-seeing and much more. Enjoy all the comforts of home while relaxing in one of the town’s charming and friendly styles of accommodation. Choose from free camps, caravan parks, camping sites, motel or hotels in Bre, some of which serve up great country meals.replacenewlinereplacenewlineSecluded riverside areas with good facilities and boat launching ramps provide the perfect opportunity to really experience the Outback. The only interruption to your solitude is the quarrelling local bird life at dawn and dusk. As the sun sets, light a campfire, relax in your camp chair and marvel at the Milky Way appearing. You’ll never see anything like the stars in an Outback night sky. Falling stars are a common sight –be sure to make a wish!replacenewlinereplacenewlineBrewarrina is located in North Western New South Wales and covers an area of some 19,155 sq km. The town of Brewarrina itself lies on a 68km uninterrupted stretch of permanent water on the Barwon River, the longest in New South Wales. Brewarrina is situated where the Barwon River flows through the oldest man-made structure on earth, the Ngunnhu (fish traps). Archaeologists estimate the Ngunnhu to be over 40,000 years old. The Ngunnhu are a great example of human ingenuity from long before recorded time. The banks of the Barwon River at the Ngunnhu was one of the great inter-tribal meeting places in Eastern Australia for Aboriginal people and the Shire is home to the Morawari, Barkinji, Weilwan, Kamilaroi, Koamu, Valarai, Baranbinja, Wiradjuri, Ngemba, and Yualwarri peoples. The Ngunnhu, sustained Aboriginal people during the tribal gatherings held for thousands of years.

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