Barwon Heads is a coastal township on the Bellarine Peninsula, near Geelong, Victoria, Australia. It is situated on the west bank of the mouth of the Barwon river below lake connemara, while it is bounded to the west by farmland, golf courses and the ephemeral saline wetland Murtnaghurt lagoon. At the 2016 census, Barwon heads had a population of 3,875. The township of Barwon heads was surveyed in 1827 but remained sparsely populated for years, a post office finally opening in the area on 15 December 1889 (renamed Connewarre east in 1890 when a new Barwon heads PO opened in the township). Fishing was the mainstay of the town in its early years. In the 1920s and 1930s, the town became a popular holiday resort and a number of the richer families of Melbourne built houses here. The summer period today still sees a large influx of holidaymakers to the town. In 1959 the closing scenes of the film on the beach based on a Nevil Shute novel about the end of the world were filmed in the town. The Barwon heads golf club clubhouse, located on golf links road and dating from 1923–24, is listed on the Victorian heritage register. The former Barwon heads bridge is also listed on the register; however, it was demolished in 2009.

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Location Information 

  • Population: 3,875
  • State electorate(s): Bellarine
  • Federal Division(s): Corangamite
  • Population information is based on 2016 Census data.

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