Moe is a town in Latrobe Valley in the Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia. It is approximately 130 kilometres (80 miles) east of the central business district of melbourne, 45 kilometres (30 miles) due south of the peak of mount baw baw in the great dividing range and features views of the baw baw ranges to the north and strzelecki ranges to the south. At June 2015, moe had an estimated urban population of 16,734 (including newborough). It is administered by the latrobe city council. Moe was originally known as the mowie, then little Moi. The town's name is believed to derive from a Kurnai (local indigenous) word meaning "Swampland". Moe is a navigation point and stopover for tourists en route to erica, the historic goldfields township of Walhalla, the Walhalla goldfields railway and mount baw baw. Lake Narracan is nearby, and moe is home to the annual moe cup horse races, the moe jazz festival and the recreated historic settlement old Gippstown. The city has locally produced aboriginal/Koori art and is regularly home to local Australian football and netball finals in the Gippsland football & netball leagues and the mid-Gippsland football league. The region is represented by Gippsland power in the tac cup competition.

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 Location Information

  • Population: 16,734
  • State electorate(s): Narracan
  • Federal Division(s): Monash
  • Population information is based on 2016 Census data.

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