The Weilwan (also known as Wailwan, Ngiyampaa Wailwan and Ngemba Wailwan) are an indigenous Australian people of the state of New South Wales. They are a clan of the Ngiyampaa nation.


Weilwan country covered 5,000 square miles (13,000 km2), running along the southern bank of the Barwon River from Brewarrina to Walgett, and along Marra Creek and the Castlereagh, Marthaguy, and Macquarie rivers. Their southern frontier was at Quambone and in the vicinity of Coonamble.

Also Known as (Alternate Names)

Wailwan, Weiwan, Wilwan, Wallwan, Wailwun, Waal-won, Wile wile, Wali, Waljwan, Ngiumba, Weilwan

Places of Significance for Wayilwan people

Barwon River VIC

Towns connected to Wayilwan people

Brewarrina NSW

Walgett NSW

Coonabarabran NSW

Coonamble NSW