POIDB.com is a small business based in Baulkham Hills NSW and has been operating for over 13 years.

We first launched our website in 2006, this was the year before when the first iPhone was launched and when GPS devices where expensive to buy and points of interest data for these devices was expensive to update.

Back then we wanted to build a community website where members could contribute and share POI data for free. Since we launched, we have never charged our members any type of subscription for this data. The site covers its costs by online advertising and by selling POI data to commercial interests.

POIDB.com aims to be the best crowd sourced repository of Points of Interest (POI) data for Australia. We know we will never be the biggest but it’s the type and quality of the data that counts.

In 2019 we decided to rebuild our website and do a refresh of approximately 465 Groups which equates to a little of 60,000 individual Points of Interest which we now called ‘Featured Groups’. The new website was launched December 2019.

What sort of POI data do we hold?

POIDB has over 700 categories of POI data. Everything from Camp Grounds, through to Speed Cameras to Restaurants. POI data can be stored into groups and we currently have over 1350 of these.

We capture the data of most of the major bricks & mortar retailers in Australia. But what we really like to hold are those great tourism places and wonders that are spready out across this great country of ours.

How can you help us?

Join up and become a member. Its free – no catches. You can download as much data as you like (for personal use) and maybe help contribute to update our dataset.

Want to use out data for Commercial Use?

If you want to use our data commercially then drop us a message Use Our Data and we can provide an obligation free quote. Don’t be scared as our prices are very reasonable especially if you can provide data back to us.